Predictive Building Management Data

PBMD will understand the complete dynamics of your building usage increasing your efficiency, reducing your risk and controlling costs whilst maintaining your property value. Additionally, PBMD is your independent partner to support your project from inception to completion. The benefits are outlined below.

Building Management

  • Ensure continuous functionalities of building activities.
  • Control & mitigate Real Estate properties with regards to regulatory & compliance risks.
  • Optimise value of buildings & Real Estate portfolios.
  • Manage operational costs & supporting the elaboration of OPEX & CAPEX investment.
  • Providing strategic data & solutions to drive your Real Estates operations into the future.
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Project Management

  • Optimise quality throughout all  stages of the project.
  • Guaranteeing optimal cost management.
  • Ensure the timely completion of projects.
  • Validate that compliance & regulatory requirements are met.
  • Negotiate agreements with third parties.
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Experts in Projects
Building Management

What we do

Real Estate Building Management is broken down into 5 layers. Through stages 2 and 4 PBMD can support you to drive your Real Estate lifecycle.

Powered by analytics, PBMD’s System of Information Assets creates indispensable value to your Real Estate division. Providing continuous support & comprehensive analytics of your buildings usage. Additionally, PBMD can lead your Project Management works & development.

Please select one of the pyramid levels to find out more.

Real Estate Management Direction

  • Real Estate strategy
  • Investment decisions of OPEX & CAPEX action plans

Asset Information Service

  • Management of AIM ( Asset Information Management)
  • Analysis of Real Estate activity and strategic proposals
  • Development & coordination of OPEX & CAPEX activities

Management Service

  • Organisation of Real Estate assets
  • Management of operational resources
  • Management of administratives & financial activities

Operational Service

  • Supervision of maintenance agents & suppliers
  • Work Activities Management
  • Control of regulatory obligations

Operational Activities

  • Execution of preventive or curative maintenance activities
  • Work Execution


PBMD’s AIM (Asset Information Management) integrates the various databases that centralise information collected from different users and/or from the customer’s IT structure. PBMD provides the Real Estate department with the most up-to-date knowledge, information and analysis of their building usage.

Detailed knowledge of Real Estate and management of:

  • Documentary relating to plans.
  • Technical information.
  • Performance of the site, service providers and internal teams.

Monitor Usage

  • Know the use of surfaces.
  • Assign and analyse operating costs.
  • Develop summary dashboards for the needs of the manager.

Risk Management

  • Functional disruptions.
  • Compliance with regulatory obligations.
  • Compliance with contractual obligations.
  • Losses of asset values.

Information available to local users and managers

  • Managers’ dashboards (countries, divisions, branches …)
  • Filter data by themes through an intranet.
  • Online consultation of thematic information from AIM.

For whom

  • Property Management and / or Site Manager Operators.
  • Managers and technicians on site.

Our Story


STERN Founded

STERN a Project Management company created for constructing buildings based in France.


Evolving our core

Evolution of core business to incorporate advisory services to manage & optimise building usage.


PBMD founded

PBMD formed to combine both Project Management & Building Usage Consultancy with data information & predictive analytics.



PBMD International geographically evolving.


STERN Founded

STERN a Project Management company created for constructing buildings based in France.


Evolving our core

Evolution of core business to incorporate advisory services to manage & optimise building usage.


PBMD founded

PBMD formed to combine both Project Management & Building Usage Consultancy with data information & predictive analytics.



PBMD International geographically evolving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PBMD stand for?

The acronym PBMD signifies “PREDICTIVE BUILDING MANAGEMENT DATA”  and proposes professional services to clients around three themes within Real Estate & construction:

1) Operational Property Management.

2) Project Management Support.

3) Studies/Expert advice during the conception and life of the Real Estate asset.

What is the main goal of PBMD?

The core offering of PBMD is to optimise your building(s) for your usage and to support you to drive both projects for development & refurbishment.

Who can benefit from PBMD?

The services offered by PBMD are aimed at large or multiple property owners/operational managers or users of buildings that host a production or service activity for which an interruption or trouble can cause economic, reputational damage or legal/criminal issues.

Which industries can PBMD cover?

A wide array from production sites, to hospitals, stadiums, banks, airports, shopping malls, transport etc. PBMD can be adapted to support your Real Estate and we’ll be happy to talk through options with you.

Can you explain the Project Management division of PBMD?

The roots of the business came from managing building projects during the exploitation or development phase. By developing the construction engineering part of the business, and combining it with our strong experience in process organisation whilst partnering with our legal and finance expertise within Real Estate Management, PBMD can support the evolution of your Real Estate portfolio in transforming sites, constructing new buildings and then in the second phase utilising the portfolio you have available to its maximum performance.

Our Values

The 4 core values which make up the PBMD code: embracing Innovation and its opportunities, ensuring positive Social Impact & Empowering all those we have contact with whilst ensuring the highest level of quality, complete transparency & Integrity.


Imagine what is possible. Thriving on ingenuity & creativity.

Social Impact

Seeking added value for our customers & for society.


Creating a collaborative culture with a passion for development.


Upholding the highest ethical standards whilst promoting trust & respect.

Meet Us

Philippe Agliany


Marine Agliany

Chief Administration Officer


PBMD è un’azienda altamente professionale e dinamica, con l’obbiettivo di un futuro più etico e sostenibile; un equilibrio perfetto tra conoscenza tecnica, pragmatismo e innovazione.

Alessandro StroligoArchitect, Entrepreneur and Founding partner of S 2 A R.C H sagl / S 2 ARCHITETTI

We had several great exchanges with PBMD SA around Digital Transformation and especially in the Real Estate environment, where we both (Digiten & PBMD SA) have concrete and pertinent experience. We really appreciate PBMD SA dynamic approach to the issue and the innovative business model providing a new ring of the value chain, with solutions applicable immediately and with interesting returns of investment.

Renato PizzamiglioChairman & Co-Founder DIGITEN

We have enjoyed launching PBMD both on the Swiss and European market and meeting up with old colleagues and making new connections. Thank you for taking the time to read up on PBMD and being part of this journey with us. Please contact us if you would like any further information & connect with us on LinkedIn where you will see regular updates on our activities.



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Predictive Building Management Data

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