What does PBMD stand for?

The acronym PBMD signifies “PREDICTIVE BUILDING MANAGEMENT DATA”  and proposes professional services to clients around three themes within Real Estate & construction:

1) Operational Property Management.

2) Project Management Support.

3) Studies/Expert advice during the conception and life of the Real Estate asset.

What is the main goal of PBMD?

The core offering of PBMD is to optimise your building(s) for your usage and to support you to drive both projects for development & refurbishment.

Who can benefit from PBMD?

The services offered by PBMD are aimed at large or multiple property owners/operational managers or users of buildings that host a production or service activity for which an interruption or trouble can cause economic, reputational damage or legal/criminal issues.

Which industries can PBMD cover?

A wide array from production sites, to hospitals, stadiums, banks, airports, shopping malls, transport etc. PBMD can be adapted to support your Real Estate and we’ll be happy to talk through options with you.

Can you explain the Project Management division of PBMD?

The roots of the business came from managing building projects during the exploitation or development phase. By developing the construction engineering part of the business, and combining it with our strong experience in process organisation whilst partnering with our legal and finance expertise within Real Estate Management, PBMD can support the evolution of your Real Estate portfolio in transforming sites, constructing new buildings and then in the second phase utilising the portfolio you have available to its maximum performance.

Who is the data owner?

The data owner is always the customer (including reports and suggestions). PBMD is the owner of the methodology and data analysis.

What is the cost of PBMD and how much can I expect to save?

Uniquely tailored to your Real Estate and business, we will be happy to talk through your needs, highlight saving opportunities and discuss payment options.

How can I find out more about the PBMD team?

Just click on the LinkedIn icons on the teams profile and you will be directed to the individuals LinkedIn accounts where you can find information on their experience, employment history and skill set.

How can I contact PBMD?

Call +41 79 648 27 82, or send an email to  contact@pbmd.ch


Which types of risks am I reducing by integrating PBMD’s offerings?

We will ensure the compliance of your buildings throughout construction and post-construction for example including regulations stipulated by Health & Safety, Environmental, Urban, Fire, etc. Protecting you against legal and criminal penalties. At the same time PBMD will manage your contractual obligations (insurance contracts, leases, structural maintenance etc). Providing continuous updates to mitigate compliance & regulatory risks.

How can PBMD support the economic performance of my buildings?

Analysing the cost drift, developing cost correction plans and supporting the elaboration of OPEX & CAPEX investment, PBMD can ensure cost optimisation as follows:

  • Adaption of Real Estate Assets to the market (Space Management, Comfort, Environmental impact).
  • Control of obsolescence/erosion and its economical impact on Real Estate.
  • Control of fixed and non-contractual maintenance costs.
  • Support the alignment of the Real Estate strategy with the long-term goals of the company to Optimise sales & purchase strategy.
  • Control of whole consumption / building expenses.
  • Control of risks arising from contractual and regulatory obligations  etc.

Can you provide some examples of how PBMD can improve the usage of my building?

Activity dashboards are developed in response to analyse requests specified by the property manager. These scorecards aim to summarise the analysis of activities related to Real Estate assets such as:

  • Use of Space Occupancy Management.
  • Inventory and management of technical equipment.
  • Infrastructure Management.
  • Management of documentation of Real Estate resources.
  • Consumption analysis.
  • Analysis of maintenance activities.
  • Analysis of cleaning activities.
  • Monitoring compliance with regulatory obligations.
  • Monitoring compliance with contractual obligations CAPEX management monitoring.


Can you explain the necessary actions to be carried out, for the implementation of the Information System for Real Estate assets?

AIM (Asset Information Management) integrates structured data to have inter-operability between peripheral applications and AIS (Asset Information Service) base.

How is the technical data integrated?

The integration of the technical data supplements the knowledge base of  AIM (Asset Information Management) of the Real Estate allowing management to deepen their knowledge of the use and the activity carried out by the Real Estate and its assets:

Can you explain how I will receive feedback after the roll-out of the Asset Information System (AIS):

PBMD will provide you with continuous support and consultancy which is fully integrated into your operational organisation, an example of the analysis cycle is shown below: